Student Housing Unisex Viking Rain Suit

Student Housing Unisex Viking Rain Suit

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  • Industrial quality 0.35mm PVC/Polyester/PVC material
  • 100% Waterproof and windproof

Key Features

  • Light to medium risk chemical splash protection
  • Good chemical protection against acids, animal fats, and motor oils
  • Reusable, durable construction
  • Welded and stitched seams for durability
  • Generous sizing for comfort and mobility

Jacket Features

  • Detachable hood with adjustable drawstring
  • Cotton corduroy collar for comfort
  • Cooling vents behind jacket and underneath arms on the side
  • 2 large storage pockets outside

Pant Features

  • Elastic suspenders
  • Adjustable waist snap panel
  • Snap fly access
  • Snap adjustable boot cuffs